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Back 2 The Basics - How I Went from Zero to A 6-Figure Income in Real Estate
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 This is the same blueprint that allowed me to make my 1st Six Figures, free my husband from his 9-5, and allow us to LIVE and GIVE generously on a daily basis.

If you haven’t done any deals or only a few deals this series will be geared toward taking you through the process of Identifying Your Market all the way to the Closing The Deal. The goal of this deal will be to help you overcome FEAR and put some CASH in your pocket!


This is the type of training that helped me close my first deal of $1650 in Spring of 2016, and has helped us go on to earn Multiple 6 Figures in as well as amass 7+ Figures in Real Estate holdings.


This REI Success Blueprint™ can apply to any and all forms of Real Estate including but not limited to: land, single family homes, multi family homes, apartments, commercial buildings etc.

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The REI Success Blueprint™

The REI Success Blueprint™ is a straightforward, guide created to advise you about The 3  Roadblocks and encourage you with a SIMPLE formulas and BLUEPRINT for SUCCESS in your journey into Real Estate Investing.


It will help you start putting the pieces together in determining your investment strategy.  This is incredibly important as different strategies required different mindset, investing patterns, time, and resources.


If you can identify in the beginning what your end goal will be, it will help you save A LOT of time and money! 

The Wholesaler's Roundtable ™

Those who are interested in wholesaling as an exit strategy for real estate as well as the who are experienced and wish to share tricks of the trade. This group is for real estate networking, education, and consulting only.

We offer educational services by way of workshops and seminars quarterly to ensure we are up to date with the latest trends and methods of marketing. In addition we also offer real estate investing consulting in regards to deal analysis, our views on target locations, etc.


We hope that between providing great quality education and consulting with deals we can assist you in getting to the closing table faster.

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Get My First Deal in 90 Days or Less
Coaching Program: 1-on-1 Coaching, Community Support & Self-Paced E-Course

This training is meant to educate, equip, and empower you to go out and get your first deal in 90 days or less. This training will include documents that will help you facilitate transactions, links for trials or recommended software, and of course how-to videos meant to provide instruction regarding a few topics. This course will be updated often to reflect latest trends!

1. Lifetime access to this online course which will come with updated methods as well as documents.

2. Link for various recommended software and trials meant to aid in your process of getting your first deal.

3. Resources such as scripts, trainings, etc.

4. Detailed 30-Page DISC Assessment and Debrief to assist in the improvement of communication skills as you journey through entrepreneurship. 

5. Access to Weekly Group Mastermind Coaching for 90 Days & Added Bonuses!

Our goal by the end of the completion of this 90 Day Program is to Educate, Equip, and Empower you to not only close your first real estate deal but to close multiple and give you your very own REI Success Blueprint that you can utilize to live the life you desire unencumbered by any financial stresses or strains.

How I Slayed Type 2 Diabetes in 12 Months: 6 Simple Steps to Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Without Insulin
PRICE: $9.99

In September 2019 during a family and friends get-together, Brittany went home feeling ill. It wasn't until her doctor recommended lab work be done that she found out she was an uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetic.


At the age of 33 a wife of only 11 years and mother to 3 children under the age of 10, she quickly realized that her life and family future was at stake if she didn't make a decision to take her health SERIOUSLY!


She was faced with a hard decision to accept insulin and live with this difficult disease or to fight it.

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